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"Web accessibility indicates the capacity of a website to be accessed easily (from its interface to its content) by various users in different contexts. To make a website accessible means to allow access to the information on the site also to people with different physical disabilities and to people who have a limited hard and software". (Source: W3C-WAI).

The site www.strumentigaudino.com has been made more accessible by:

  • inserting a special setting bar of character dimension (at the top right hand side of the site)
  • allowing the increase or decrease of the width of the site according to the video definition (at the top right hand side of the site);
  • the user can always increase /decrease the character dimension by using the functions on the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc);
  • each page on the website is predisposed for printing (PRINT at the top right hand side on each  page).

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