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"Thanks to the preparation of the piano, it sounds so good that it seems to have come alive".
(Paola D.)

"Anna, Dario, Luca, Alessandro are my violin students. I wished them a good summer holiday on the 10th June….they all returned on the 18th September after 2 months of complete rest. Their violins were all in tune. Anna's violin is always left in the dry-cleaning shop, in summer and winter, and so you can imagine the sudden temperature changes which the instrument is subjected to…but it is always in tune.
I am happy with the result of this instrument…also because I no longer hear Anna, Dario, Luca, Alessandra etc. saying - "Cristina, today I will play badly because I didn't study - the violin was completely out of tune". Now their instrument remains in tune and everyone is happy. Bye."
(Cristina F.)

Hi Carmelo. I've had a look at your site and I've downloaded a couple of pdf files. I really appreciate your careful and deep approach. Living in a superficial society in which people are always in a rush, it is good to see someone who works with dedication and actually does research. I think that to be able to be creative in one's work is one of the things which give the most satisfaction!
Bye, see you soon.
(Gianbattista V.)

I read the article on the human voice. It is very interesting the idea of connecting the tone of an instrument to the voice, with the consequent interaction of constituent physical frequencies and harmonic support. I think that it is certainly a good beginning and I think that an attentive research into the spectrum of the sounds concerned (in particular strings and voice) and all the psycho-acoustic and cognitive factors which in any case influence perception could be integrated into the article. You could also develop and refine the argument with an attentive research into the forms, which as you know well, create the tones and replies according to assonance and  liking…..at disposal."
(Roberto R.)



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