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Your tonality


What is the tonality of the human body?
The tonality of the human body is the range of sounds that an individual manages to easily produce and is particularly sensitive to in the presence of sounds.
The human body produces a series of sounds provided by the spontaneous harmonic sounds, which are produced by the resonance of the relative cavities.
The specific dimension of a person determines the specific tonality, independently from the tone, which is determined by many other factors. These factors range from the anatomic conformation to the education of the voice, all of which make the tonality unique.
The tonality of each individual may be similar to other individuals but the tone of the voice will always be singular.

What do we measure?
We can determine with precision your tonality by measuring the notes that compose the basic triad of any tonality.

What use is this measurement?

  • to know the limits of one's voice when singing;
  • to recognise the tonality to which one is more sensitive when listening;
  • to know which tonality is more compatible to the thoughts of a composer;
  • to know which tonality to use during music therapy;
  • to understand which frequencies to use during the re-education of the voice and hearing;
  • to know which spoken voice is more or less compatible in social circumstances;
  • to recognise which frequencies can be disturbing in an acoustic environment;
  • to choose the right voice for public speaking;
  • to choose a voice for radio-telecommunications;
  • etc. etc.

Greater detail is available in the document The Human Tonality.pdf in the area Utility/Download


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