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String Instruments 




The construction of accessories
We build an exclusive kit of a special mounting for bowed string instruments which is composed of:

  • tailpieces: the tailpieces which we produce have been designed to obtain a better balance of tension and freedom of movement of the string;
  • tailpiece attachments: our tailpiece is provided with a single metal attachment that is angled and calibrated. This makes the tension between the strings independent and stabile.
  • adjusters: we have found a way to regulate the small tensions with a better system to apply the adjusters. Our system reduces the drop in tension and it is applied without having to change the string;
  • cunei bloccacorda: we can guarantee the stability of the string tension with the aid of an element which is added to the traditional attachment.

We assemble string instruments of various qualities and origins. We can adapt our accessories to each instrument without modifying its structure. We choose the quality according to need, from factory made instruments to those made in professional workshops.


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