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Our workshop prides itself on the restoration of old, new and classical pianos. We apply techniques that respect the original construction and we are able to reproduce missing parts of the furniture, the instrument and the mechanisms.
We use original parts from various periods, with total respect for the quality, the measurements and the colours of the manufacturer.

Renovation of the piano
We offer a series of services to renovate the mechanical functioning and the regularity of the harmonic components of the sound. These include:

  • dust removal inside the piano
  • removal of metal oxides
  • mechanical regulation
  • string renovation
  • stabilisation of the string tension
  • hammer intonation
  • weight adjustment of the keyboard
  • control of the functioning and balance of the sound, performed by a professional pianist

Home service
This service is one of the strengths of our workshop. Experience has taught us that even the best piano, old or new, without the necessary maintenance is doomed to lose a high percentage of its initial acoustic qualities. We are able to evaluate the atmospheric conditions in which the piano "lives" and we can advise on the best means of keeping the instrument in tune and how to maintain the mechanic regularity for as long as possible.




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